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    If you need help or assistance with anything, please use these options below pertaining to what you need. This will help facilitate our resources to our staff that is able to help you in those areas more efficiently. We actually look forward to hearing from you.

    If you email us at any of the email addresses below, but we feel your email should have gone to a different address bin, we will forward it along. Once you submit, please be patient for our reply. Don't attempt to send another or to reply on the same email you sent us, this will just put it back to the end of the list, making your wait times longer. If we transfer your email, we'll be sure to notify them your placement received.

    First things first!   Don't forget, you can always find us on the site using the Messenger Chat. It may take us an hour or 2 to reach back out to you, if not sooner! Please be patient as our staff is continuously working around the clock on the site, products, and all other normal work duties. It's the same staff that takes time to read these chats. However, we do our very best to answer them in a timely manner.

    Find this Messenger Chat on the bottom right of the screen. Seen here:

    Sales - If you have questions that are sales related, please reach out to us at Sales@Zycotic.com

    General Information - For general information or inquiries, please reach out to us at Info@Zycotic.com

    Accounts - If you're having issues with your account registered on the Mendable site, please contact us at Accounts@Zycotic.com

    Refunds - If you have questions about possibly returning an item, please contact us at Refunds@Zycotic.com

    Exchanges - If there was an issue with your item received, but wish to just exchange it, please email us at Exchanges@Zycotic.com

    Policies - If you have any concerns, questions, or just don't quite understand something in our policies, please email us at Policies@Zycotic.com and we'll be glad to answer with a better explanation or answer.

    Keep in mind as well, if you should have any questions or concerns on warranties, purchases, refunds, and/or exchanges, please read our policy terms about those areas first before emailing.

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