Our Dedication During COVID-19 Outbreak

We are dedicated to providing safe and effective measures during the COVID-19 outbreak for your health and safety. Our employees are constantly tested, even if they're not showing signs of having COVID. Anyone here at Zycotic is taking every effort without cutting corners or putting anything or anyone at risk. We're telling people to stay home even for minor issues, just to play it safe.

Shipping & Suppliers

While a lot of our products are held in various warehouses by our suppliers, we're also checking up on them, making sure they have policies and guidelines in place to keep everyone safe during COVID-19. This also means we're making sure that any shipping carrier is also doing the same thing. So, from our stand point, and to the best of our knowledge, from the time you place an order, and to the time you receive your package in hand, everything should be safe.

It's also just good practice on your end to do some small procedures as well to be extra safe. When receiving a package, remove it's contents before the box enters the house or location it's going into, discard the box, and wash up! Pretty simple!

Returns During COVID-19 Outbreak

Our policy for returns has SLIGHTLY changed. Please read our returns policies by following this link! Then add this slight change in place that takes precedence at this time. While we know we can't control how carriers handle packages, some things may show up broken. Or, you ordered the wrong size. Or you ordered the right size, but every manufacturer's sizes differ from the next. Whatever it may be, we're here to help!

For tangible items such as electronics, phone cases, wall art, etc., etc., we can exchange items such as these. For soft products, meaning, clothing, clothing accessories, lingerie, underwear, etc., etc., we CANNOT take them back! It is HIGHLY recommended that you be absolutely SURE you are ordering the correct size or the correct color, or whatever it may be. However, again, sizes differ from manufacturers, we get it, and we're willing to help.

Should a size option occur and need to exchange, we ask that you let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! So that we may help get you the correct clothing attire. While we're going to let you keep that item and replace it, this does NOT mean "FREE CLOTHING! WOOHOO! I'LL JUST ORDER BY MISTAKE ON PURPOSE!" We have professionals that can check into this and catch it pretty quickly. This is NOT the time to use and abuse the system. IF you are caught doing such acts, your payment method will be still charged the original piece of clothing, AND including the new piece of clothing. So let's all work together and be fair and do the right thing.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding any of the above mentioned items, please feel free to contact our COVID team by emailing them at teamcovid@getZycotic.com and they'll reach back out within 24 hours during the week, possibly up to 48 hours during the weekends. Excluding Holidays!

Thanks for your time in reading this and knowing you're in good hands shopping with us!